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Reader Revenue: The Most Promising Revenue Stream for Publishers

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    79% of publishing executives say reader revenue strategies are their most important priority, ahead of native and display advertising
    Think of subscriptions as reader investments. Their recurring revenue provides you the easiest opportunity to scale your business and, with ChargeBrite’s software and strategies, develop the publication into what you’ve always envisioned.
    Empower Your Publication’s Future

    ChargeBrite gives you the easiest way to get started and excel with Reader Revenue Model

    Subscription payments

    Collect subscription payments easily and securely

    Swift payment and checkout

    Grow your readership and convert fly-by users with swift payment and checkout experience

    Gift Subscription

    Launch campaigns with discounts and gift subscriptions to attract users and expand customer base

    Renew and reengage billing models

    Renew and re-engage with customizable billing models

    Auto Pilot Subscriptions renewal reminders

    Manage readers and their subscriptions on autopilot with automated renewal reminders

    Automate workflows

    Automate workflows for renewals, receipts, and much more with ChargeBrite

    Revolutionizing Recurring Revenue & Subscription Management For Media Publishers

    Our company began as a publisher of numerous regional magazines, then evolved into a software company designing web-based CRMs to help other publishers streamline their operations, from marketing to ad sales. Now, with ChargeBrite, all those systems work together to revolutionize your subscription management.

    With so many complicated facets in this essential process, managing them all demands focused attention and intuitive automation. ChargeBrite offers myriad ways for your publication to customize a subscription model that works for you, then helps every step of the way to make it work for your readers as well.

    • Subscription Management
      Simplify processes for both you and your subscribers
    • Pricing Management
      ARR? MRR? Experiment to see what works best for you
    • Memberships & Add-Ons
      Easily incorporate other sensical drivers for revenue
    • Billing Automation
      Boost productivity and optimize business processes
    • Reporting & Analytics
      Improve in-house accounting and communications
    • Reminders & Notices
      Customize notifications to keep subscribers engaged
    • Backdating & Prorating
      Handle all subscription scenarios (including churn management)
    • Sales Integration
      Keep all teams on the same page
    • Financial Empowerment
      Reap immediate and lasting benefits of recurring revenue
    Your Partner in Publishing
    Discover Why 17,000+ Websites, Newsletters, Magazines, and Newspapers Trust Us, Making Us The World’s Leading Software Provider For The Media Industry
    Publishers from all over the world rely on our software to help with Ad sales, production, project management, integrated marketing and more, all on a single unified platform specially designed to increase profits in the publishing industry. Now with ChargeBrite, Mirabel Technologies’ latest revolutionary software, publishers can efficiently manage all aspects of the subscription and billing process. The best part? The seamless integration between ChargeBrite and Magazine Manager means your publishing platform didn’t get more complicated — simply more powerful.
    • From the company that created Marketing Manager, Clean Your Lists, and other valuable software tools for publishers
    • Trusted by more than 17,000 publications and media products to accelerate growth
    • Best-rated magazine and newspaper software on Capterra
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    Some Of Our Clients

    Take Charge Today with ChargeBrite
    The subscription economy is expected to grow to $1.5 trillion by 2025, more than double its current estimated worth.
    Entice Current and New Subscribers With Add-Ons
    If an add-on experience or product makes sense for your publication, then ChargeBrite can help it make dollars-and-cents for your business. With our customizable subscription models and billing options, you can set up an unlimited number of plans that work for you:
    • Flat Fee
    • Stair Step
    • Per Unit
    • Tiered Pricing
    • Volume Pricing
    • Free trial
    Manage Current Subscribers With Automated Ease
    A sale is a sale, whether you consider it a special consummation to be cherished or a converted lead to be tallied and used as a stepping stone. But no matter how you classify it, it’s not the end of the line. ChargeBrite illuminates the recurring revenue process for all involved, putting workflow automation exactly where it needs to be from the moment a subscriber clicks Subscribe. Set up welcome letters, billing notifications, customizable renewal notices, email marketing, deal notifications, and more.
    Experiment with Pricing Plans and Billing Options
    Is your publication more successful with annual or monthly subscriptions? With flat-fee or gradual steps? Whether you’re settled on one of the above or intrigued by the other subscription-model possibilities out there, we’ve got the tools to find success.
    Scale Your Business As You Discover Reader Preferences
    As you convert more renewals and attract more subscribers, your publication can glean valuable information that can expand your business even further. With its seamless integration with Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, ChargeBrite helps put everyone in your publication on the — pardon the pun — same page.
    Built For Today’s Audiences and Tomorrow’s Growth

    Empower Your Publication’s Future With Subscription Automation Today

    Making The Most of Reader Revenue

    The benefits of the subscription model are nothing new to publishing. Newspapers and periodicals were reaping the rewards of recurring revenue for centuries before streaming services, digital devices, or any other modern convenience proliferated the subscription model into a dependable system that users not only trust, but seek out. Simply put, the subscription model promises that both you and your customers get the most out of each dollar, and ChargeBrite’s unified platform makes the most of that plan.
    • Manage subscriptions, billing, and reporting
    • Grow your audience with marketing automation
    • A/B test and experiment with subscription plans
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