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ChargeBrite Features

The Model For Continued Growth
Financial Empowerment, One Subscription At A Time
The Biggest Bang For Your — and Your Customer’s — Buck

There’s no revenue engine quite like the subscription model, ensuring quality services and products for customers while providing a steady cash flow for businesses.

ChargeBrite empowers that recurring revenue to work for you and your customer, no matter what industry you serve and whether your business is:

  • Publications
  • Websites
  • Media & Entertainment
  • B2B software
  • Information services
  • High Tech
  • Directories
  • Events
Subscription Options + Automation

ChargeBrite’s subscription automation revolutionizes the payment process for all involved.

By simplifying every workflow step for you, ChargeBrite puts automation intelligence exactly where it needs to be well before a subscriber clicks Subscribe.

ChargeBrite Helps You By Helping Your Customers
Build a customer experience that emphasizes simplicity
Customers demand — and deserve — simplicity. And if their current dollar isn’t getting top market value, their next dollar might go elsewhere. ChargeBrite illuminates the recurring revenue process for all involved and fulfills every promise made.
Explore and experiment with various subscription and membership models
There’s not one single be-all, end-all subscription model. In fact, the key to success may be in A/B testing variations you’ve never considered. Set up an unlimited number of customizable billing options, whether that’s annual or monthly subscriptions, tiered pricing, volume pricing, per-units, flat-fees, stair steps, free trials, or bonus add-ons.
Attract and convert more customers with marketing and sales integration
Pair ChargeBrite with Marketing Manager’s powerful marketing automation and CRM platform to unlock a suite of functionality and a world of potential. Launch campaigns, segment advertisers and subscribers on one platform, apply customizable fields, add unlimited notes, and view it all with ease.
Automate a thank-you note to share pertinent information
In addition to showing your appreciation for a customer’s business, an automated welcome or thank-you message gives you another entry point with which to convey important details about the business and relationship ahead.
Notify subscribers of transactions to come
With ChargeBrite’s messaging prompts, there are no surprises when it comes to payments or withdrawals. Schedule a regular transaction time, set up notifications, and let automation take care of the rest.

Inform subscribers and keep in-house accounting records
The best accounting software does more than simply tally. ChargeBrite’s automation tools allow for instant receipts and real-time record-keeping so both you and your customers are up-to-date, every step of the way.
Customize notices and offers to keep subscribers on board
Come renewal time, customers can receive standard notices or even customized offers that market intelligently to their wants, needs, or behaviors … all carried out with automated precision.
Automate notifications and other helpful correspondence
No matter what communications you require for business or want to implement for growth, ChargeBrite’s automation software makes it easy to set up and seamless to launch.
You set it. Customers get it. ChargeBrite won’t forget it
Whether you’re firmly settled on monthly-only plans or intrigued by the other subscription-model possibilities, we’ve got the tools to find success that makes sense for you and your customers.

ChargeBrite offers myriad ways for your company to set up a subscription service that works for you, then lays the foundation so it can work for your customers as well.

ChargeBrite’s customizable checkout pages and automated invoice and communication workflows ensure that all new customers are welcomed warmly and that no conversion is met with confusion.